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I lost my phone with MEXEM Mobile installed. What do I do?

If you lose your phone, follow the MEXEM Knowledge Base steps to migrate Mobile Authentication (IB Key) to a new device. For other issues, request temporary access by contacting MEXEM Client Services (Secure Login department). Contact information is available on the MEXEM website.

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How do I transfer the MEXEM Mobile authentication to my new phone?

To transfer your MEXEM Mobile authentication profile to a new smartphone, follow the step-by-step instructions in the MEXEM Knowledge Base if you still have access to your old phone or a secondary device. If not, contact MEXEM Client Services for assistance.

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Getting Started

How do I enable MEXEM Mobile authentication for iPhone?

Activate MEXEM Mobile authentication for your iPhone by following instructions in our Knowledge Base. After activation, it can be selected as your Two-Factor authentication method during login. Add more users within the app if needed. More details in our Users' Guide.

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How can I change my phone number to receive SMS authentication messages?

SMS two-factor authentication is temporary and can't be altered. It's replaced upon activation of a permanent security device. For guidance, refer to "How do I request a security device?"

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