Why was my order rejected for no trading permissions when I have permisissions for ETFs?

EEA retail investors' orders for products not complying with the EU's PRIIPS regulation will be rejected. PRIIPS requires a Key Information Document (KID) for products like derivatives, ETFs, ETNs, and certain funds. Stocks, standard bonds and FX are exempted. The rule doesn't apply to closing existing positions. Further permissions might be required for complex products. More details are in the IBKR Knowledge Base.

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Funds & Banking

When will my deposit be credited to my account?

Check your deposit status in Client Portal or Message Center. Funds credit time depends on the transfer method: wires can take up to four business days, ACH transfers depend on the amount and time of submission, checks have a 6-day hold, online payments are credited instantly, and specific processes for Canadian transfers and IRA contributions apply.

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On what exchanges can I trade?

MEXEM supplies direct market entry to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs listed on over 120 markets in 31 countries. A listing of markets organized by geographic region is available on our website.

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General Questions

What are Single-Stock Futures (SSF)?

Single-stock futures are futures on individual stocks. With an IBKR Universal Account, you can trade various instruments including these futures. Request trading permissions and subscribe to real-time data from Client Portal/ Account Management. Without a subscription, you receive free delayed data.

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Can I trade ETFs through MEXEM?

MEXEM offers direct market access to various financial instruments through a single Universal Account. Clients from most countries can trade ETFs with low or no commissions. To request ETF trading permissions, log in to Client Portal/Account Management and select permissions for Stocks. Some ETFs may require additional permissions for Complex or Leveraged Exchange Traded Products. Compliance with regulations, including PRIIPs Regulation, is necessary. For more details, refer to our Users' Guide on trading permissions and reasons for order rejection.

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