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Why can I log in to Client Portal but not TWS?

If you can access Client Portal but not trading platforms, your login credentials aren't the issue. Possible reasons include your account application under review, your account being managed by a financial advisor, or a new user creation requiring 24 hours to activate.

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Where can I find analytical tools in TWS?

Analytical Tools can be found in our Trader Workstation platform. If using the Mosaic layout, you can find the various Analytical Tools that we provide by clicking the blue New Window button in the top left corner. Scroll through the list of tools, or, if you know what you're looking for, start by typing a tool name or feature to get a quick list...

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Fees & Interest

Is there a fee for TWS login?

There is no TWS login fee. MEXEM does not charge for any of our trading platforms or the various tools included.For additional information on Other Fees and Required Minimum Activity, please visit the MEXEM website.

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