Why was my order rejected for no trading permissions when I have permisissions for ETFs?

EEA retail investors' orders for products not complying with the EU's PRIIPS regulation will be rejected. PRIIPS requires a Key Information Document (KID) for products like derivatives, ETFs, ETNs, and certain funds. Stocks, standard bonds and FX are exempted. The rule doesn't apply to closing existing positions. Further permissions might be required for complex products. More details are in the IBKR Knowledge Base.

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What does the message "MIFIR 2 account does not have short code assigned" mean?

MiFIR II requires unique identifiers for EEA-traded products. Rejection messages are due to missing codes. Request trading permissions for MiFIR products in Client Portal. Complete required tasks or contact MEXEM Client Services for assistance. Find more info in the Knowledge Base about MiFIR products.

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How can I request that product to be added for trading?

To request a new trading product, submit a ticket with its name, CUSIP or ISIN, and exchange. Beforehand, check existing products on MEXEM's site under 'Product Listings' or search using 'Contract Search' under the 'Products' menu.

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