What is the Mark-to-Market calculation method and how does it work?

Mark-to-Market (MTM) calculates profit or loss regardless of open or closed positions. It assumes daily settlement and new positions each day. MTM P/L = Position MTM + Transaction MTM - Commissions. More details in our Knowledge Base and Reporting Guide.

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Fees & Interest

What commissions do you charge for Mutual Funds?

North American and Global mutual funds have a transaction fee of 3% of Trade Value or $14.95. European mutual funds have Fixed (0.1% of Trade Value, min €4, max €29) and Tiered pricing (starts at 0.08% of Trade Value, min €1.25, max €29, decreases with volume). More details on our website. MEXEM also offers No Transaction Fee Funds.

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Fees & Interest

How much do you charge for options?

MEXEM offers a tiered commission structure for US options trading, starting at $0.65 per contract, with additional fees. Higher charges apply to sell orders due to transaction fees. For Europe and Asia, fixed and tiered pricing options are available, varying by exchange and product. More details on our website.

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