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Am I eligible for a debit card?

At this time debit cards are available for MEXEM individual and joint accounts (excluding IRA and UGMA/UTMA accounts) with US as their country of legal residence.
We are not able to confirm when the debit cards will be available to non-US residents.
Trust accounts are eligible as long as they meet certain criteria (more details below).

While being enabled for MEXEM Key is not required to enroll, it is required to pre-authorize purchases and is highly suggested.

The full set of eligibility requirements are as follows:

Country of legal residence: United States

Country of current residence: United States

MEXEM Entity: IBLLC-USTIN is a US Social Security Number Has verified mobile number Individual, Trust or Joint account excluding IRA's Additional restrictions for FA Clients Only US Trust accounts are eligible for a debit card.
Trust Accounts can only order cards for the Trustee (must be an individual, not an entity), and only if the Trustee is also a beneficiary.

Prior to opening an account, MEXEM MUST establish:
Documentary evidence of the existence of the Trust and their authority to act on behalf of the Trust - usually in the form of a copy of an executed Trust Agreement (or court appointed Trust Order) Confirmed EIN for the entity (IRS Letter)CIP/OFAC performed on each of the Trustee Additionally, no Secondary Cards are allowed.
There is only one Primary Card for an eligible Trustee per Trust Account.

If you qualify for a debit card then review FAQ: How do I apply for an MEXEM debit card?

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