How can I roll an option in TWS?

In the TWS Latest 970 or newer,  you can use the Roll Builder tool to roll an option to the next expiry. To roll an option, find the position you wish to roll in the Portfolio section of TWS or Mosaic. Right click on the position and left click on the "Roll" button to open the Roll Builder tool.In the Roll Builder tool, the current position appears at the top. Select the contract you want to roll into from the option chains displayed above the Roll Builder. For convenience, the current position is highlighted in the Option Chains, in red for sells and blue for buys, and are marked with a filled-in circle. The new position is identified by an empty circle.As you build the roll, it is shown below the current combo position in the "Open" section of the Roll Builder. When choosing the next expiry, we pre-select the buy/sell action to logically match your original position.

Check the order details before submitting.

Additional information on the Roll Builder tool can be found in our Users' Guide.

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