How can I search for bonds?

There are several ways to search for bonds:
Search the MEXEM Contract Database located on our website by clicking the Products menu option followed by Contract Search.
In TWS enter the Corp/Muni/Treasury Bond Cusip number into the Financial Instrument column in a watchlist.

Please note: to see CUSIP identifiers you need to be subscribed to the CUSIP service.

See: How do I subscribe to CUSIP service? For a Corporate Bond in TWS, enter the underlying stock symbol into the Financial Instrument column on your trading screen and hit Enter.
Expand the menu and click Bonds. Use the Bond Scanner in Classic TWS by clicking the Analytical Tools menu option followed by Bond Scanner. In Mosaic, click on the blue New Window button and select Bond Scanner.

More information on the Bond Scanner in our Users' Guide. You can find all of the bonds offered by MEXEM on our Fixed Income Product Listings page of our website. If you do not find a specific bond by the above mentioned ways then please submit a webticket with the ISIN or cusip number and then MEXEM will research if the bond can be added to our database.

Note: You will only be able to view Bond market data if the account has approved Bond Trading Permissions.

See: How do I request trading permissions?

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