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How can I see my portfolio in TWS?

In Mosaic: From the Monitor panel click "+" to add a new page, then choose Portfolio. Use your Portfolio to see your P&L, Net Liquidity, Margin, and positions. Change the way positions are grouped by right-clicking the Financial Instrument column and selecting a new Group By method. Sort positions by column by clicking the column name. To see account information, open the Account window by clicking Account in your portfolio, or by selecting Account Window from the Account menu. In Classic TWS, you can see your portfolio by clicking the Account menu option followed by Portfolio Window. More Information How do I see my portfolio performance and add hypothetical positions in TWS? How do I delete a closed trade from my Portfolio window in Mosaic? How can I reset the TWS portfolio screen to the default? How can portfolio symbols be alphabetically sorted? How do I enable Continuous Sorting in my portfolio on TWS? Why can I not see a new position in my Portfolio in TWS? How can I export my positions to CSV format?

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