How can I set up shortcuts for trading in TWS using Hotkeys?

Assigning actions to certain keys and key combinations helps you rapidly create and transmit orders to the marketplace. You can assign any keystroke, or a combination of the "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys with one of the 26 keyboard letters, to map specific order creation and order transmission commands, such as buy, sell, transmit and cancel. To set up Hotkeys, go to Global Configuration by clicking the File menu option in Mosaic or the Edit menu option in Classic TWS. Once in Global Configuration, select Hotkeys from the left pane. In the Possible Actions area, choose an action to which you want to assign a hot key and click Create Shortcut. In the Keyboard area, click Record. If you already have a hot key recorded for the chosen action, it is shown in the Current Key Shortcut field. Press the actual keystroke or keystroke combination you will use to finalize this action. The system records your keystroke and displays it in the Current Key Shortcut field.

Most hotkeys require you to choose a certain ticker or page to be usable (ex. Cancel Page Orders requires you to select the quote monitor with pending orders on it). Furthermore, some windows support only hotkeys defined in tool-specific Hotkey Configurations.

For full instructions on how to create shortcuts in TWS using Hotkeys, review the Hotkeys page in the TWS Users' Guide.

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