How can I tell if my market data is real-time or delayed?

If your market data is delayed, either your quote line will contain a yellow background or there will be yellow tick dots next to the bid/ ask prices (it depends on your Display settings). If the market data is in real-time there will be no yellow background, and the quotes will either be green/ red (the default colors; reliant on of the quote is on an uptick or downtick), or there will be green/ red tick dots next to the bid/ ask prices (also depends on your Display settings). You can also check in Client Portal/Account Management to see if you are subscribed to real time market data. Log in to Client Portal/ Account Management and go to the Settings menu followed by User Settings. Look for the Trading Platforms section and click the Configure icon (gear) next to Market Data Subscriptions followed by the Configure icon (gear) next to Current GFIS Subscriptions. Select the tab platform and region then enlarge the market data section you are interested in. Here, you can apply a check next to any market data subscriptions you want and uncheck any you wish to unsubscribe. Click Continue through any agreements and disclosures to complete your subscriptions.

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