How come my market data comes up as all question marks?

If you see all question marks where your market data should be, it is likely one of these reasons: The product you are looking at does not offer free delayed data and you are not subscribed to real time quotes, or You are subscribed to real time quotes but you are exceeding the maximum number of simultaneous quote lines allowed, or You are having a market data connectivity issue If the issue is specific to one type of product, then it is likely issue number one and you will need to subscribe to market data within Client Portal/Account Management. To see if you are using too many market data lines, press CTRL + ALT + = (CTRL + ALT + C for non-English keyboards) simultaneously on your keyboard.
A message will populate with the total number of market data lines allowed and currently subscribed. If all of your data is showing questions marks, refresh your Market Data connection by pressing CTRL + ALT + F simultaneously on your keyboard. If the issue persists, please contact MEXEM Client Services for further assistance.

For additional information on the maximum number of simultaneous quote lines, see Market Data Display on the MEXEM website.

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