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How do I configure Trading Assistant (TA) notifications?

Trading Notifications are maintained individually from the Trading Assistant (TA) page in MEXEM Mobile, and each is turned on or off by tapping its toggle switch. Currently there is no way to turn off ALL notifications with one action. The Trading Assistant Status at the top of the TA page shows the current on/off status of each notification.
To access Trading Assistant in MEXEM Mobile: iPhone and iPad: Tap the More menu and then tap Trading Assistant Android phone and tablet:
Tap the Menu icon and then tap Trading Assistant Available notifications include Market, Account, Position, and Trade.

Please Note: Trading Assistant (TA) feature of the MEXEM Mobile app is only supported for a single account structure. In case you have linked accounts, it is not possible to modify existing notifications you might have set up when you had a single account. However, if you wish to cancel the existing notifications completely, Client Services can disable them on your behalf.

Please note that canceling notifications would mean getting rid of the whole set of notifications. It is not possible to remove any specific notification among the whole set. However, this will not affect active alerts you may have for your accounts, as it is a different feature.

For additional information, see the MEXEM Mobile Users' Guides for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet.

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