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How do I convert currency in MEXEM Mobile?

MEXEM offers clients the ability to convert currency to either establish a cash position or trade foreign products. To easily place a currency conversion trade in MEXEM Mobile, select Convert Currency from the side panel on the left of the screen: Choose a currency from the Currency I Have drop-down menu Enter an amount in the box to the left of the selected currency Choose a currency from the Currency I Want drop-down menu Slide to convert

Please note: currency conversions submitted with the above procedure will use a Market order type.

As an alternative, you can use the Order Ticket: Access the Order Ticket from the side panel on the left of the screen Search for the first currency of the pair you want to trade (e.g. EUR) and select Forex under the IDEALPRO section Select the currency pair from the list (e.g. EUR.USD)Tap on the action button ( Buy/ Sell), which will be for the first currency in the pair. For example, if you would like to be long EUR 500 you would place a trade to Buy 500 EUR.USD Enter the order quantity, which by default is in terms of units of the first currency of the pair Configure your trade as you wish and transmit the order when ready.

Please note: Only one symbol is available for each currency pair, for ex. EUR.USD is available but not USD.EUR. Residual cash balances in non-base currency are converted automatically in base currency within two working days at no cost for clients.

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