Getting Started

How do I get started with Client Gateway?

Client Gateway is a simple and easy to use web interface for clients to view their accounts and place orders. Client Gateway was designed for less active traders to view real-time (or near real-time) information about their accounts and their positions while maintaining access to basic analytics, watchlists, option chains to facilitate quick trades. Client Gateway is perfect for clients who do not need all the features of TWS and financial advisor clients who want a clear view of their accounts. Additionally, Client Gateway helps you easily access Portfolio mis Analyst and our other web-based tools without needing to log in again. Quickly place a trade from any page using the Trade button. You can also view key account metrics and check your portfolio performance at a glance on the Client Gateway home page. Learn more about Client Gateway with our complimentary Traders 'Academy courses or by reviewing the Client Gateway Users' Guide.

You can access Client Gateway directly from the Login button on our main site or by clicking Try It Now on the Client Gateway dedicated page of our website.

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