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How do I manage my trading permissions?

To update your trading permissions use the button above: Log in to Client Portal/ Account Management Click the Settings menu followed by Account Settings If you manage numerous account, choose an account by clicking on the account number to popup the Account Selector
Click the Configure icon (gear) next to "Trading Experience & Permissions" From the Trading Permissions screen, click Add in the section associated with the product you wish to trade and check the box next to whatever trading permission or program you wish to request Complete the Experience and Trading Knowledge section shown at the top of the section of the product you selected. Once you have completed making your selections, click the CONTINUE button Review investment objectives and financial information on the following pages and make the necessary changes

Note: Review any further disclosures presented and continue through until you have finalized all of the prompts. Additional Information Permissions are subject to Compliance review to assess eligibility and this review process is typically completed within 1-2 business days.

Users' Guide: Managing Trading Permissions

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