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How do I place an order in MEXEM Mobile for iPhone?

To trade via MEXEM Mobile for iOS, first download and install the app from the iTunes App Store. Once installed, tap the icon on your phone and you will be presented with the login screen. Login with your User ID and Password and it will bring you to the MEXEM Mobile trading app. You can create and submit orders from MEXEM Mobile using numerous tools, such as the Order Ticket: From the Instrument Details screen, tap Buy or Sell to open the Order Ticket Modify editable order parameters (Quantity, Time-in-force, Order Type, Price, etc )Optionally, tap the icon next to Slide to Submit to preview the order before submitting Use the slider to submit the order. If in Simplified mode, tap Submit Sell or Submit Buy.

Additional information on how to create and submit orders in MEXEM Mobile for iOS can be found in our Users' Guides

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