How do I see whether a stock is shortable on TWS?

MEXEM offers information on the TWS which provides clients the ability to keep track of when a stock is shortable and, if it is, the quantity of shares that can be shorted and the cost to borrow those shares. The data displayed under the shortable column for shortable shares is in real-time and no subscription is needed. The steps necessary to enable this feature and display the information in a column on the TWS Quote Monitor are as follows: Click on the wrench icon located in the upper right-hand corner to open the Trader Workstation Configuration window; Scroll down to the Quote Monitor and then Default Layout options located within the configuration folder and the TWS columns that you currently have displayed as well as those which are not displayed but are available to add will we displayed in separate panes;
Click on the available column titled Shortable, then click the Add and OK buttons. Once displayed, the Shortable column indicates whether there is stock to borrow so the user can short it. Colors in this column relay the following shortable information: Red = Not available Dark Green = We will try to locate the shares Bright Green = At least 1,000 shares are available Additionally, a mouse-over tooltip tells you the number of shares available and the projected borrow rate.

Note: Brokers are required to perform a locate to make an acceptable determination as to whether shares can be borrowed at settlement. This locate does not guarantee that the shares will be available at settlement and, if not, the short sale is subject to a forced close-out.
In addition, the quantity of shares that a client may short is limited by the equity managed by the client and the requirement that the account remain margin complaint were an order to be accepted.

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