How do I set up alerts in TWS?

To set up Alerts in the Trader Workstation, right click on the symbol you wish to set the Alert for and left click on the "Alert" bell icon in the right click menu. If you wish to create a simple Price alert, you can do so from the "Configure Price Condition" pop up window. If you wish to create a different alert such as a Trade alert, Margin Cushion alert, Volume alert, etc., click the "Advanced Settings" button to choose your alert type. If you choose to create an Advanced alert, a "Create Condition" window will populate where you can arrange your alert. Once arranged, click Finish. Under "Actions", choose the type of notification you wish to receive. You can use the Orders tab to trigger an order, the Messages tab to send you a message via email or SMS, or use the Audio tab to set up an audio alert. Finally, go down to the "Duration" section and set your duration preferences. Once complete, click Activate at the bottom of the window. If you choose to have the alert sent via email or SMS you will need to arrange your default method of receiving alerts. This is a one time process and is done through Client Gateway/Account Management under Settings followed by User Settings and Communication. Select the Configure (gear) icon for Alert Notification.

More information on alerts and notifications and on configuring the default method of receiving alerts can be found on our Users' Guide.

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