Is live data provided for paper trading accounts?

Real-time quotes are provided on a monthly fee-based subscription basis and in order to pay for those subscriptions, you must have a live, funded account. If you subscribe to data through your live account, those same subscriptions will be made available through your paper trading account. If you have a free demo version of the paper trading account, you will receive delayed quotes, where available.

To share market data, access Client Gateway/Account Management and select Settings followed by Account Settings. In the Configuration panel, click the Configure (gear) icon for Paper Trading Account.

Select Yes on the Share real-time market data with your paper trading account. Select the username whose market data you want to be shared and click Save.

Once completing the steps, you will need to log in to the paper trading account again.The changes will be activated in 24 working hours.

if you log in to both accounts at the same time from different devices, the real time data will only be available on the live account.

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