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What happens to my account in the event of my death?

If you hold an account with a Transfer on Death (TOD) designation, your stated beneficiaries should contact MEXEM Client Services for assistance in completing the TOD Beneficiary forms.

In all other cases, the executor of your estate or the surviving account holder of a joint account should notify MEXEM Client Services regarding a deceased account via email to:

At that time, general information will be taken and the executor will be provided with information on how to proceed. Once MEXEM has been notified of the death of an individual account holder, the account will be classified as a deceased account and activity (e.g., trading, transfers) is generally prohibited until legal authority is established.

The documents required to establish legal authority can differ depending on the type of account the account holder has at his or her death (e.g., single, joint, trust) and the country of legal residency.

These documents will include a death certificate and often other official documents such as a Court Letter of Appointment for the executor, power of attorney for transferring stock ownership, proof of domicile, and trustee certification.

Physical documents must be mailed and signed in the appropriate capacity, they will be rejected if information on the document has been altered, or the documents are outdated or missing the appropriate court seal.

For Probated Estates, distributions from a deceased account will be titled in the name of the estate rather in individual heir or beneficiaries.

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