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What is acceptable for Proof of Address for an IB UK application?

The document must clearly list the applicant's name and the relevant address and must be less than six months old unless otherwise specified.Please provide a scanned version of one of the following acceptable documents: Utility bill :

For example, a bill for electricity, gas, water, landline telephone, home broadband or TV.

Mobile phone bills are not acceptable form of proof of address. Council tax billHome insurance billBank, mortgage or brokerage statement

Signed and stamped letter from your bank on the bank's letterhead confirming address. Credit card statement (not older than six weeks)Government issued letters or statements: For example, a property tax bill, confirmation of residential address from the local authorities or a pension statement. Must be on official governmental letter head.

Residence permit Driver's license or national identity card: If you use your Driver's License or National Identification Card as proof of identity, it cannot also be used as proof of address.

For HUNGARY only: ADDRESS CARD which shows the current residential address

Please note MEXEM will accept documents that are not in English but it may take longer for those documents to be translated.

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