What is the Mark-to-Market calculation method and how does it work?

Mark-to-Market (MTM) profit and loss shows how much profit or loss you incurred over the statement period, regardless of whether positions are open or closed. Opening and closing transactions are not matched using this methodology.

MTM calculations assume all open positions and transactions are settled at the end of each day and new positions are opened the next day.

MTM calculations are split for purposes of simplification: calculations for transactions during the statement period, and calculations for positions open at the beginning of any day:MTM P/L= Position MTM + Transaction MTM - Commissions Position MTM= (Current Closing Price - Prior Closing Price) x Prior Quantity x Multiplier Transaction MTM= (Current Closing Price - Trade Price) x Current Quantity x Multiplier.

Additional information on the Mark-to-Market calculation method can be found in our Knowledge Base.

The column MTM P/L in section Trades of your statements is the difference between the Trade Price and Current Closing Price (the Closing Price of the day of the trade) multiplied by the quantity.

For a Forex trade, the Closing Price for the day of the trade can be seen on your daily Activity Statement under the Base Currency Exchange Rate section.

Additional information can be found in our Reporting Guide.

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