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When will my dividend be paid?

If you are eligible to receive a dividend payment (please see the MEXEM Knowledge Base), an accrual representing the dividend expected to be paid by the issuer at a future date will be posted to your account balance on the Ex-Dividend Date.

Upon receipt of the funds from the depository or clearing agent, MEXEM will reverse the accrual and will post the allocated funds to the cash balance of the account. This adjustment will usually occur on the announced Payment Date; however clients should note that in the event MEXEM does not receive the funds in a timely manner, the dividend will remain in an accrued state until the funds have fully allocated.

Account holders may track all of this information, including the date at which the dividend is expected to be paid and its amount by creating a custom activity statement that includes the section titled Open Dividend Accruals.

How do I create a custom activity statement?

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