Where can I find information on margin and margin requirements?

Margin requirements affect how and when you can borrow, the type of deposits which may be needed and the level of equity that you must manage in your account. Failure to meet these requirements will result in becoming subject to liquidation of assets, either manual or automated, to bring the account back into margin compliance.

Margin requirements are based on your Country of legal residence, the exchange where you want to trade and the product(s) you want to trade.

You can use the following resources to learn more about trading on margin:On the Margin Trading page of the MEXEM website you can find information on margin trading as well as up-to-date margin requirements. Use the handy Margin Requirement Wizard to narrow the information to only the products you wish to view.

In the Margin Education Center you can find additional educational materials related to margin trading at Mexem.

Find details
on Margin oversight for US listed securities and commodities products and Key Margin Definitions in the MEXEM Knowledge Base.

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