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Which MEXEM entity carries my account?

MEXEM conducts business through a number of broker subsidiaries as listed below.

The MEXEM entity through which an account is carried is generally based upon the account holder's country of legal residency or, in the case of an entity, its country of formation.

Note that certain entities manage relationships with others for the purpose of offering services such as clearing and execution and this information is disclosed in the Customer Agreement.

MEXEM LLC (IB LLC)MEXEM (U.K.) Limited (IBUK)MEXEM Canada Inc (IBC)MEXEM (India) Private Limited (IBI)MEXEM Hong Kong Limited (IBHK)MEXEM Securities Japan, Inc. (IBSJ)MEXEM Australia Pty Limited (IBA)Account holders may confirm the MEXEM entity through which their account is carried by reviewing the information located at the top of their Activity Statement.

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