Why is my order stuck in a "pending cancel" state?

If you tried to submit an order cancellation request and the Order Status field is an Orange color, that indicates that a cancellation request has been accepted by the system but currently the request is not being recognized.

At this point, your order is not confirmed canceled. You may still receive an execution while your cancellation request is pending.If you tried to submit and then cancel an order over the weekend when the exchanges are closed, then that order may not be removed from your screen until after the MEXEM system becomes active again after the weekend update.

That cancel request submitted over the weekend will be recognized before the exchanges re-open for the new week. If you try to cancel an order during an active trading session, then the reason for the Pending Cancel could be due to system or exchange issues. In this instance, we recommend calling MEXEM's Trade Issues group so we can review the pending cancellation request.

Please note, your order is only canceled after the exchange acts on the cancel request and confirms to MEXEM that they have removed your order from the exchanges order book.
In some instances, the exchange may be in the process of filling your order and will not act on the cancel request.

For additional information, please visit the MEXEM Knowledge Base.

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