Why was my order rejected for no trading permissions when I have permisissions for ETFs?

Opening orders from Retail investors occupying in the European Economic Area (EEA) that are correlated with a product that does not follow the EU's packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Product Regulation (PRIIPS) will be rejected. The regulation is planned to enhance understanding of these products through provision of disclosure documentation mentioned to as the Key Information Document (or "KID").

The KID provides information such as costs, risks & performance, product description.The products that this applies to have returns connected with a reference value and include derivatives (options and futures), ETFs, ETNs, funds and certain debt instruments. It does not apply to stocks, standard bonds and FX. Orders will be denied if the issuer, or manufacturer, of the product has decided not to provide the KID needed in order to distribute the product to EEA retail residents.

Please note:
The restriction does not apply to existing positions subject to the KID requirement that you are seeking to close.

To close any similar position you held prior to the implementation of PRIIPS use the "Close" button to create a closing order.Once an EEA resident is accepted to trafe ETFs under PRIIPs there may be a further permission needed for "Complex or Leveraged Exchange Traded Products" required to trade ETFs or ETNs.

See: What permissions do I need to trade Complex or Leveraged Exchange Traded Products?Find a general overview of PRIIPs regulation in the IBKR Knowledge Base.

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