Why would I submit an FX transaction to the FXCONV destination?

Route orders to FXCONV if you are not interested in tracking the average cost and running P&L on your currency trades in your trading platforms.
Orders routed to FXCONV in TWS: Do not create or adjust Virtual FX Positions in FX Portfolio are not reflected in the trading platforms' P&L.

Orders routed to **IDEALPRO **in TWS: Create or adjust Virtual FX Positions in FX Portfolio are reflected in the trading platforms' P&L when FX Portfolio is displayed.

Please note: All currency trades at MEXEM, both destination FXCONV and IDEALPRO, imply currency delivery and result in currency conversions Destination IDEALPRO or FXCONV has no impact on the Activity Statements' P&L.

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Only TWS allows you to select FXCONV; the other trading platforms always route currency orders to IDEALPRO.

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