Fees & Interest

What commissions do you charge for Mutual Funds?

North American and Global mutual funds have a transaction fee of 3% of Trade Value or $14.95. European mutual funds have Fixed (0.1% of Trade Value, min €4, max €29) and Tiered pricing (starts at 0.08% of Trade Value, min €1.25, max €29, decreases with volume). More details on our website. MEXEM also offers No Transaction Fee Funds.

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Getting Started

How do I convert currency in MEXEM Mobile?

To convert currency in MEXEM Mobile, select 'Convert Currency' from the side panel. Choose your current and desired currencies, enter the amount, and slide to convert. This uses a Market order type. Alternatively, use the Order Ticket in the side panel and search for the currency pair you want to trade.

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How do I convert EUR to USD?

To convert EUR into USD on MEXEM, sell the EUR.USD pair. You can specify your order in USD by toggling the quantity from EUR to USD in the Order Entry panel. The new quantity will reflect the equivalent USD based on the current exchange rate. Modify as needed and submit the order. For detailed instructions, refer to our Users' Guide and the guide on currency conversion at MEXEM.

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